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Apply Essential Oil Easily Anytime

December 28, 2022

Essential oils is a great way to stay healthy and feel good! Use Roll on Essential Oils and apply it directly to your skin for a refreshing feeling. With Roll on Essential Oils, you can make your own dedicated scent with therapeutic effect. Why not try some today?

Easily apply essential oil anywhere

Introducing the newest way to use essential oil. The Roll on Essential Oil lets you apply essential oil anywhere, anytime. You can put it on your temples, wrists, back of your neck, or anywhere you need it most!

Essential oil for every occasion

Whether you're looking for a pick-me-up or a way to relax or relieve pain remedy. Roll on Essential Oil has you covered. This handy bottle of essential oil is perfect for on-the-go use, and can be used in many ways. 

With the help of a natural form of sleeping therapy, we created a roll on essential oil that only uses high-quality certified therapeutic grade oils for sleep quality. With a timer for getting your body ready to sleep after apply, the ambiance and scents perfect relaxation for a. Mellowed, refreshed & energized when wake up the next day - you should definitely grab one

Essential oils go far beyond just smelling great. Invigorating to mind, body and soul, stimulating, motivating, improves alertness and concentration. Most of the time, we need energy booster for busy and challenging day! 


Some oil can Invigorates and provides uplifting and stabilizing effects naturally

Feeling stress and depress lately? Maybe it's time to get some aromatherapy. Try Anti-anxiety Roll on Essential oil to reduce negative thoughts, or to increase positive feelings. This oil make you feel more connected and grounded when dealing with adverse circumstances.

Essential oil provides a solution for all your needs

With natural ingredients, it provides relief from insect bites and relief from digestive flu. You can also use it to promote body well-being. All you need is to fill up your bag with thoughtful essential oils which have been specifically blended for your one bottle.


Essential oils costs too much... 

Create your own blend and therapeutic essential oil on topically use, all in a box 

The best part about the PAI Essential oil recipe box gives you a complete set of what you need to DIY an essential oil roll-on by your own. The Recipe Box consists of the following:

  • 1 x bottle 50ml premium grade carrier oil
  • 1 x bottle 10ml Pure essential oil
  • 1 x bottle 10ml specific-blended roll-on
  • Recipe card (an easy and simple to read manual)


  • Big Saving (Pay less for more)  1 Recipe Box = 5 bottle of Essential oil Roll-on  

  • Feel more fun by mixing & blending your own favorite essential oil roll-on blend for repeating use  

  • can buy more different types of essential oil at discounted price and customized your own aroma to suit your personality

Try it, you will love it

Discover the natural benefits of Roll on Essential oil. There are many ways to use this product - inhale directly or topical application to your skin. When the Roll on Essential oil is empty, you can mix it with carrier oil and refill your bottle! 


Quality, you can trust

We are a professional aromatherapy business, with a mission to help everyone find their well-being, just one simple step at a time.

PAI product went through independent third-party testing and meeting product standards. We take pride to uphold our business integrity to ensure our products contain all natural ingredients and our formulas avoid harmful toxins or synthetic silicones.

Confidence restored

We promote wellbeing through aromatherapy oils that has helped many people restore confidence in life. We understand how powerful scents can be in calming the mind and body, so we use only therapeutic grade essential oils in our products


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Our Story

The sibling founders grew up discovering the charm of being born bred and raised in a countryside. By having nature-related activities experienced in our childhood, we witnessed many magical healing stories and our passion for natural health has become a place to inspire others how to take charge of their own wellness through natural plant-based health remedies.


Withdrawing from personal and professional experience, Pai Wellness started with a simple wish. Guiding and being a trusted voice for the natural health community by educating everyone the benefit of natural remedy – we wish to adopt more holistic health practices in lives while making wellness an easy and hassle-free practice every day.

Our Believe

Natural Therapy

Getting back to basic is essentially about re-connecting with a truly holistic therapy that balancing our mind, body and soul.

We believe keeping a natural, non-invasive approach has a great impact of promoting "self-healing".  Living in the pace of 21st century, we strive to bridging the gap between technology advancement and back to basics

Our Promise

Pai – A symbol of Giving

Pai “ 派 “ meaning of  ‘Giving’  in Mandarin, represents a strong family value in the siblings upbringing. We take pride to uphold our business integrity to ensure our products contain all natural ingredients and our formulas avoid harmful toxins or synthetic silicones.
✕  no toxins and carcinogens
✕  no SLS
✕  no parabens
✕  no paraffin
✕  no petrochemicals
✕  no artificial colours
✕  no animal testing